Livpure Smart: (WaaS)Water as a Service

A Journey of Conversion Growth

"Transforming Challenges into Triumph: The Livpure Smart Project Story"

Embarking on the Livpure Smart Project, I undertook a dual role as lead UX designer and bridge builder between marketing and tech teams. Our mission: revitalize acquisition and conversion rates within minimum time frame.

We crafted a tailored landing page for paid visitors, slashed bounce rates, and meticulously redesigned the sign-up process. By weaving these changes together and optimizing various touchpoints, we achieved remarkable results – conversion rates soared beyond 30%, retention rates exceeded 60%, and our team emerged as the revered "Task Force."

Livpure Smart Case Study Thumbnail by Gaurav Srivastava

Project Unveiling

I embarked on an exciting journey, leading a B2C project that focused on a subscription-based water as a service under the brand Livpure. Our mission was clear: elevate acquisition and conversion rates without stretching the marketing budget. In a remarkable twist, we achieved an astounding 200% growth within a mere six months by cleverly optimizing technology and executing targeted marketing strategies.

Challenging Beginnings

Our challenge was colossal - revitalize acquisition and conversion rates. We had a year to hit our mark, which demanded strategic precision. Our first hurdle was the lack of comprehensive data, leaving us guessing at what needed improvement.

My Role: Unifying Tech and Marketing

In the midst of this challenge, I donned a dual role: designing a high-converting user experience and bridging the gap between our marketing and tech teams. Transparency became paramount, and I championed the implementation of tracking systems. These insights guided our improvements and ensured we didn't tread blindly.

Crafting the Design Process

With tracking in place, we set out to empathize with our users. The initial bounce rate for first-time visitors was alarmingly high, especially from our paid ads. The issue was information overload. We made a pivotal decision: a dedicated landing page solely for paid visitors. Here, we streamlined the journey, focusing solely on guiding users to subscribe.

A Glimmer of Progress

Our first steps bore fruit – bounce rates dropped, and marketing ad efficacy rose. But the challenge of acquisition persisted. Our tracking tools unveiled the exit point: the sign-up process. I delved into the issue and redefined the sign-up experience. The results were transformative, as shown here:

Setting Higher Standards

Satisfactory though the progress was, it wasn't enough. Our sights were set on extraordinary growth. We looked to the returning visitors and subscribed customers. Their journey remained largely unchanged, presenting a new avenue for exploration. We reimagined their path, merging tasks into a single, intuitive individual pages – from address entry to payment. This reshaping delivered substantial results, not only for new users but also returning ones.

A Tapestry of Success

By uniting major changes (landing page, signup form, and conversion funnel) with meticulous refinements (page optimization, plan selection, and product page tweaks), the results were staggering. Conversion rates soared beyond 30%, retention rates exceeded 60%, and additional confidential numbers showcased the magnitude of our achievement. We proudly embraced our new moniker within the company: "Task Force".